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Betty Rhodes, Artist

Betty Rhodes is on record for saying she paints "happy," and the vibrant colors of her corner of the world, the Texas Hill Country, effervesce through everything she does.

Betty Rhodes' studio, her center of creativity and work, is crammed with all manner of art materials, ongoing work, an ancient but loved easel, a computer, and of course, her own paintings exhibited on the walls. The place welcomes as surely as the artist herself.

That "everything" includes a growing menagerie of painted creatures such as her endearing goat series which was featured in an April 2007 Country lifestyle magazine profile.

Her scope of medium is unusually broad. For instance, Rhodes was selected with eleven other artists for the first "Thunderbox Road" art project. Country folks will recognize the nickname for an outhouse and perhaps wonder how such an unexpected structure could edge its way into the art world. Nonetheless, twelve, painted, seven-foot tall replicas became a traveling exhibit for wineries and art festivals, and no one would question the amazing artistry.

Betty Rhodes earned her considerable knowledge of color and design from a background including ownership of two art galleries as well as work as a popular interior designer in Dallas. Color is her forte whether painting impressionistic landscapes, abstract sunsets, or animals with an attitude. Her unerring eye and imaginative approach, invoke a warm and wonderful feeling.

Rhodes attended Hunters School of Art in San Antonio and has studied with some of the country's leading artists including: Joseph Mandez, Scott Christensen, Matt Smith, Ann Templeton, Ray Vinella, and Charles Sovek. She has shown extensively, received many awards and is represented in private collections throughout the United States.

Art lovers may not always know what Rhodes' fancy will turn to next, but anyone who sees her finished projects with her uniquely creative touches will be sure it'll be special.

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