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  A archive feature...the history of the Wimberley Garden Club Tours.
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Wimberley Garden Club
Fifth Annual Tour
Incredibly beautiful gardens!
Saturday, May 8th!

These are highlights from a previous tour (1999)
Visit Wimberley for this year's dates!

Here's a little about each of these beautiful featured Wimberley gardens.


Denise Clark and Jack Hart

Denise Clark and Jack Hart have chosen the perfect name for their place: Heaven on the River. A beautiful cottage garden with winding limestone walks and whimsical statuary, a grotto, refreshments on the porch with a view of the river. Ahhh....


Koi Creek Nursery and the Poco Rio Water Garden

Koi Creek Nursery and the Poco Rio Water Garden is an excellent incorporation of a natural setting into a commercial enterprise. Koi Pond, Harwell's sculpture, stacked cedar fencing and cedar mulch walks meandering among beautiful plants create a lovely setting for browsing through shops.


Lucy and Gordon Dysart

Lucy and Gordon Dysart share with us their setting nestled in a grove of old oaks. Beautiful plants and ferns hanging in the trees and nature paths leading to a vegetable garden and through the woods demonstrate how savvy gardeners can creatively coexist with roaming deer.


Kay and Max Schroeder

Kay and Max Schroeder have created an absolutely beautiful garden in four short years, including a waterfall made from huge native boulders, a bridge crossing over the water and gorgeous plants everywhere. Kay's artistic eye is evident wherever you look.


Mary and Bob Fulton

Mary and Bob Fulton welcome you into their courtyard garden through rustic Mexican doors. Working the miracle of growing beautiful plants with little soil...even using a jackhammer to dig...the Fultons have helped the flowers spread and flourish. Lush buffalo grass, wild flowers, and a view of the hills await you.


Julie and Greg Jenkins

Julie and Greg Jenkins greet you with a cowboy standing at the gate. A beautiful water garden with several levels of waterfalls and lovely water plants, pots of succulents and banana trees in unlikely places, and a pond stocked with fish from local waters will delight you here.


Wimberley Garden Club

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