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Jimmy LaFave

Thursday, October 21, 2004
7:30 PM

Wimberley, Texas

"One of the top ten coffeehouses in Texas."

Jimmy LaFave in Wimberley performance in October

"LaFave is nothing if not a red-dirt romantic. Viewing the world from an open road and an open heart, with one eye on the girl and the other on the mythological lure of the highway. First it was Woody Guthrie and then Jack Kerouac, now it's LaFave and his brand of dirty-boots folk-rock... Jimmy has the most expressive voice this side of Belfast.... it's the music of Jimmy LaFave that really defines this part of the land."
--Oklahoma City Gazette

Jimmy LaFave will appear at the October Susanna's Kitchen Coffeehouse in Wimberley, Texas, performing on Thursday, October 21, 2004.

Jimmy LaFave was born in Wills Point, Texas moved He moved to Austin, Texas in 1986. By 1990 LaFave had become, according to the Austin American-Statesman, "a perennial presence upon the Austin music scene." Always one to chart his own direction, LaFave remains loyal to his roots north of the Red River while living south of it. He's currently compiling songs for a new, as yet untitled release and orchestrating a tour with a number of other singer-songwriters celebrating Woody Guthrie.

The Jimmy LaFave discography and comments about the music:

LaFave sounds like a dark night gone good. And on Dylan's 'Emotionally Yours' he proves plainly that music and spirit are two things he well understands. VH-1

Jimmy LaFave has one of America's greatest voices, and this album is the story of what he has learned to do with it. It's a unique instrument, with startling range and its own peculiar sense of gravity, liable to swoop in and wreck your expectations at any instant. . . . He sings like one of those clear channel radio stations, cutting across the night and burrowing into parts of your heart you thought were utterly private.  --Dave Marsh

I'm no longer so naive about the record business that I don't understand why someone this fabulous doesn't sell millions of albums while mainstream mediocrities do. It still cheeses me off, though. Amid the morass of popular music, Jimmy LaFave stands out like a pint of Guinness in a bar full of Miller Lites. --Eric Fidler, Associated Press

LaFave has a voice that somehow combines innocence and pain so effectively that it allows LaFave to wring more emotion from a ballad than perhaps anyone ever has. When he rocks, he does so with complete abandon. When he chronicles love, it's with complete immersion. There is no pretense in him. --Martin Fullington, Music Reviews Quarterly

Highway Trance puts Jimmy LaFave in the first rank of roots rockers to emerge from Austin, Texas. His songwriting shows equal passion for road-house rock and romantic balladry, and his Night Tribe band is a killer. --Don McLeese, Rolling Stone

Jimmy LaFave's songs move me 'cause he sings them with grit, passion, and uncommon beauty.--Lucinda Williams, Recording Artist
Imagine if Van Morrison had been a Texan; he might have sounded something like this. --Nick Bollinger, The Listener (New Zealand) 

Susanna’s Kitchen is a monthly coffeehouse located at Wimberley United Methodist Church that is smoke and alcohol free. Featuring coffee and teas from Hill Country Natural Foods, pies from Wimberley Pie Company. Tickets are $10.00.

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