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The EmilyAnn Theatre
Home of Shakespeare Under the Stars


A musical based
on the history of Wimberley
at the

May 28, 29, 30
and June 4, 5, 11, 12

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A Wimberley premiere, Star of the Hills opened Memorial Day weekend of 2003 at the EmilyAnn Theatre and ran for three consecutive weekends.

Star of the Hills is not your typical historical pageant, and when it explodes on the stage of the Emily Ann Theatre, theatre-goers are always in for an exciting evening of outdoor entertainment. 

More than a pageant, more than entertainment, Star of the Hills leaves visitors with a renewed understanding of the importance of the land and the fascinating history that makes the Wimberley Valley—and Texas—what it is today. 

In 2003, Director Melissa May Moncus first brought the work of playwright Dorey Schmidt and composer Gordon Jones to life in an evening of enchantment. Based in part on the history of Wimberley, this lively drama includes musical numbers ranging from the rollicking "Cedar Whackers' Ball" to the soulful "This Lovely Land."

Lone Woman, a Tonkawa spirit shaman, Bill Duncan, local story teller, Freddie Blake, the idealistic young realtor and Stella Santos, a visitor form the city are just some of the characters who bring the story to life.

Check the Events calendar each May for information about the current year's performances.

(The first cast for the first performances.)
  • Greeter/audience warm-up - Bill Finklea and (alternating nights) Jo Nell Erck, Priya DiTraglia, Linda Kay Rogers 
  • Stella Santos, sophisticated city woman - Jennifer Digges 
  • Bill Duncan, town storyteller - Bobby Frick 
  • Band leader for the Cedar Whacker Ball - Bill Graham 
  • Freddie Blake, Wimberley real estate agent - Michael Covey 
  • Madge Jones, docent at Winters-Wimberley House - Adrienne Harrell 
  • Lone Woman, Tonkawa Spirit Shaman - Consuelo Samarripa 
  • Koh-Noo-Na, Tonkawa Brave - Rodney Bursiel 
  • Koh -Noo-Na's Mother/Keening Woman - Rebekah Cook 
  • A-Ha-Wee, Koh-Noo-Na’s wife - Erin Burns/Tess Mallory 
  • Morning Star, Koh-Noo-Na’s daughter (age 8) - Sarah Lindsey 
  • Morning Star, Koh-Noo-Na's daughter (age 17) - Amy Higgs 
  • Tonkawa Medicine Woman - Priya DiTraglia 
  • Tio-Na-Ka - Kyle Struder 
  • Wah-Soo-Ti - Lance (clay) Ferguson 
  • Jacob de Cordova - Gary Yowell 
  • Pedro-18-20, Spanish priest - Bart McPherson 
  • Robert X. Ransom - Bill Phillips 
  • Andrew, Pleasant Wimberley's son - Parker Patterson 
  • Isaac, Pleasant Wimberley's son - Dylan Meek 
  • Zachary, Pleasant Wimberley's son - Bart McPherson 
  • Priest - Robert Derr 
  • Extras and town people, Tonkawas
    Kimberly Allen 
    Morgan Allen
    Brenda Aulds 
    Erin Burns 
    Dylan Cook 
    Rebecca Cook 
    Michael Covey 
    Robyn Derr 
    Prija Di Traglia 
    JoNell Erck 
    John Dunn 
    Dotty Ervin 
    Robin Estepp
    Ayla Eubanks 
    Clay Ferguson 
    Charlie Flemming 
    Beverly Graham 
    Bill Graham 
    Anna Lindsey 
    Jeanne Lynch 
    Dorothy Martin 
    Tess Mallory 
    Mattie Patterson 
    Kaysa Pierce 
    Mary Kate Riddle 
    Kyle Struder 

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