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Dorey Schmidt and Priya Hudson-diTraglia, Stars of the Hills

Two Stars of the Hills
Dorey Schmidt, author of Star of the Hills,
with Lone Woman,Tonkawa spirit shaman of her imagination.
(Priya Hudson) in this photo by David DiTraglia.


A musical based
on the history of Wimberley
at the

June 23, 24, 25
June 30, July 1, 2
8:30 PM

» Click here to view photos from 2003 premiere of Star of the Hills «

Premiered first in Wimberley in 2003, Star of the Hills opens Memorial Day weekend at the EmilyAnn Theatre and runs for three consecutive weekends.

Star of the Hills is not your typical historical pageant, and when it explodes on the stage of the Emily Ann Theatre, theatre-goers are always in for an exciting evening of outdoor entertainment. 

More than a pageant, more than entertainment, Star of the Hills leaves visitors with a renewed understanding of the importance of the land and the fascinating history that makes the Wimberley Valley—and Texas—what it is today. 

In 2003, Director Melissa May Moncus first brought the work of playwright Dorey Schmidt and composer Gordon Jones to life in an evening of enchantment. Based in part on the history of Wimberley, this lively drama includes musical numbers ranging from the rollicking "Cedar Whackers' Ball" to the soulful "This Lovely Land."

Lone Woman, a Tonkawa spirit shaman, Bill Duncan, local story teller, Freddie Blake, the idealistic young realtor and Stella Santos, a visitor form the city are just some of the characters who bring the story to life.

Producing the fourth season of Star Of The Hills, makes for busy times at the EmilyAnn Theatre. Sets are going up, costumes are shaken out, additional ones sewn, and new light and sound designs are popping off the drawing board.

In 2005, there was also a brand new stage! Over 2500 square feet of beautifully stained concrete waits for feet of dancers to tap out the rhythms of the wonderful songs in Star Of The Hills. Funded by a grant from the PSH Foundation, designed by EAT Board member Donn Lamoureux, and constructed by John Stefanowicz Concrete, the stage adds a whole new dimension to this year's production. When the new sound and light systems are plugged in, you will think that Broadway has come to the EmilyAnn Theatre!

Star Of The Hills brings outdoor historical musical drama to a new level. Written by author Dorey Schmidt and musically scored by composer Gordon Jones, Star Of The Hills is not a typical historical musical. It combines history and drama in a way that enhances both, and leaves viewers with a renewed understanding of the fascinating history that makes the Wimberley Valley, and Texas, what it is today.

Produced by Ann and Norm Rolling, and directed by Nathan Villarreal, Sr., the 2006 production has an exciting cast of veterans and new faces including: Nathan Villarreal, Sr., Angelique (Angie) Lassetter, Ann Jeanette Patton, Gene Ritter, Bobby Derr, Melinda Ellisor, Jason Foreman, Priya Hudson, Celeste Villarreal, and  Sarah Villarreal along with many more talented and amazing dancers, singers, townspeople, and Tonkawa braves and villagers.

Each year's production gets better and better, and this year's show presents many surprises introduced by its new director Nathan Villarreal. If you saw the show last year, see it again. If you missed it last year, don't miss it again!

Please allow additional time (30 minutes at least) for parking, and perhaps to enjoy a delicious cowboy meal at our concession stand.

Ticket prices for Star of the Hills are $15 for box seats (all ages), $12 for adults and $8 for children. Group tours are welcome and receive a discount with advance purchase. Call 512-847-6969 for more information or to make reservations.

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