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Sunny Oh
Pianist, Composer & Educator

Wimberley Concert Association


Thursday, March 21, 2002
at 7:30 PM
Chapel in the Hills
Wimberley, Texas

The weather is warm, the students are just back from Spring break, and music is in the air! It's time for the annual SWT Honors Student Recital featuring a colorful palette of music by a variety of talented vocalists and instrumentalists in the undergraduate and graduate music programs at Southwest Texas University. There will be music by flute, by a string duet, by piano, by a piano and oboe duet, by trumpet, and by vocalists. You'll hear music composed by Bach, Haydn, Chopin, Bellini, Tosti, Burleigh, and Vaughan-Williams - enough music to fill your heart with song for weeks to come.

One of the featured performers at the WCA concert on Thursday, March 21st is Sunny Oh (pictured). Ms Oh describes herself as a "passionate pianist." She is also a music educator and a composer. She received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. She is now pursuing a graduate degree in piano performance, studying with Dr. Timothy Woolsey, who performed for the WCA audience in February. She will perform Joseph Haydn's Piano Sonata in C-Major (Hob. 50) at the WCA concert. 

Other featured performers are Sara Roberts (flute), Katharine Schreffler (violin) and David Kirkpatrick (cello), Stephanie Richeson (oboe) and Dr. John Schmidt (piano), Satsuko Tomita (piano), Ryan Whittle (trumpet) accompanied by Dr. John Schmidt (piano), Beverly Wootan (piano), Michael West (baritone), Melissa Baning (soprano) and Jenny Thomas (soprano) accompanied by Beverly Wootan (piano), and Jason Patrick (tenor) accompanied by Beverly Wootan (piano). 

Wimberley Concert Association is a not-for-profit organization that has presented music of many kinds to Wimberley audiences for over 25 years. Proceeds from their University Series, presented during the school year in cooperation with the SWT Department of Music, go toward scholarships for music students at SWT. 

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