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A French fairy tale presented by

Wimberley High School's
Lone Star Theatre

December 2nd through the 7th

For the 14th year, Wimberley High School's Lone Star Theatre presented a fall production for the holiday season. 2002's offering, "Ondine" by Jean Giraudoux, took audiences to a land of fantasy and romance.

The title character is a beautiful but willful water nymph raised by an old couple who found her by the lake. When a handsome knight seeks shelter in their home one night during a storm, Ondine falls madly in love. She gives up her immortality to marry Hans, but is warned by her uncle, the king of the sea, that there will be dire consequences if he ever betrays her.

The plot of this fantasy takes various twists and turns as Hans finds himself torn between Ondine and his former love, the princess Bertha.

Cast members work out blocking on the set

Directed by J. Gary Wyatt and Lydia Miller-Wyatt, who have led the talented students to appearances at state one-act play finals for the past two years, "Ondine" featured a mystical undersea set and fantastic costumes, all constructed and executed by the award-winning cast and crew.

"This is a fantastic holiday fairy tale," Wyatt says. "There are lots of special effects, with wizards and magicians. It's a fun show, perfect for the whole family."


Bobby Byers (Auguste)
Alequah Price (Eugenie)
Jake Patoski (Ritter Hans)
Kellee Watson (Ondine)
Emily Stengel
Hannah Smith
(1st Ondines)
Julia Trinidad
Trilby Fortenberry
(2nd Ondines)
Lane Schwager
Amanda Ogletree
(3rd Ondines)
Jasmina Kuenzli
Bonnie Strudivant
Brenna Strudivant
Lyndee Dudley
Chelsey Cotten
(Shadow Ondines)
Jon Matthew Chonko (Old One)
Duncan Coe (Lord Chamberlain)
Will Harrison (Superintendent of the Theatre)
Patrick Byers (Trainer of Seals)
Taylor Harrison (Bertha)
Russ Hull (Bertram)
Annie Bond (Violante)
Kinsey Vallier (Angelique)
Meghan Speakerman (Venus)
Clay Philips (Matho)
Ashley Ogletree (Salammbo)
Nick Nicholson (A Lord)
Jamie Phillips (A Lady)
Jon M. Chonko (Illusionist)
Ben Bond (The King)
Andrew Patoski
Chris Bahha
Aaron Williams
Cole Sutera (First Fisherman)
Jon M. Chonko (Second Fisherman)
Peyton Harrison (First Judge)
|John Rogers (Second Judge)
Kyle Studer (Executioner)
Elena DiTraglia (Kitchen Maid)
Helyn Messenger
Brittney Bartose
Alex Fontana
Emily Baker
Patti Fore (Ladies of the Court)
Zane Gordon-Bouzard (Lord of the Court)
Tracey White/Debra Hines (Costumers)
Nick Bialotoski (Lights)
Elizabeth Willis (Sound
 Lindsay Cotton (Assistant Director)

---  By Louie Bond  ---

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