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Wimberley Players


At the
Winters-Wimberley House
Wimberley, Texas

November 6  through 14, 2004


In partnership with the Wimberley Institute of Cultures, the Wimberley Players present a unique 25th Anniversary exhibit at the Winters-Wimberley House November 6 through 14, 2004.

"25 Years on Stage for You" was an exhibit that includes archival scrapbooks compiled over many months by Robin McCullough, a professional album consultant who volunteered her services for this monumental task. The stories, playbills, photos included in the albums provided the resources for the exhibit, which also included props, costumes and memorabilia from Players' shows over 25 years.

"We are pleased to have the Players as our partners for this exhibit," said Dee Ann Story, Wimberley Institute of Cultures president and an honorary director of the Wimberley Players. "The arts contribute so much to our quality of life here in Wimberley, and the Players bring us a wide variety of wonderful entertainment. The level of quality is particularly amazing, considering they are all volunteers."

The exhibit opened on Saturday November 6 from 10 AM to 4 PM, following a reception on Friday for Wimberley Institute of Cultures and Wimberley Players members. Thereafter, the exhibit was open every day of the week through the following weekend. This is a new approach, since previous exhibits at the Winters-Wimberley House have been scheduled only on weekends. 

"Being open every day should make it easy for people to drop in while they're out on errands or grocery shopping," said committee member Judith Laird, who is well known for her starring roles in many Players productions. 

A special children's event was planned for Saturday November 13 from 2 to 3 PM. Representatives of the Wimberley Players, the Starlight Symphony Orchestra, EmilyAnn Theater and the Wimberley Village Library were on hand to share the excitement of performing arts with the children. "It will also be a great time for parents to have a look at the exhibit," said Julie Ray, who is coordinating the exhibit with McCullough and Terri Bisett, a popular Players actor and Board member.

- Allan Eastwood -



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