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A Wimberley Players

Judith Laird, Amanda Troxell,
Justin Finch, Albert Rouse,
and Sandy Billings

Greenhouse Theatre in Woodcreek
April 29th through May 15th

The Wimberley Players are proud to present their next production, The Sloth, a quirky comedy written by some of Austin's own playwrights, Cy Young and Jane Manning. The Wimberley Players are most fortunate to have the directorial talents of the author himself with Judith Laird serving as producer. With such talents involved in this production the play promises to be a hit, and with the Greenhouse Theatre's ability to seat only 77 per show, this will be one production that should be reserved early! 

The Sloth is a farcical jaunt into the realm of the weird which begins with a housewife, who believes her husband has turned into a sloth, owing to his lazy ways. Nadine Schitzle, the accepting and innocent housewife, is firmly convinced that the abnormally huge sloth hanging out in her back yard is her husband Herman. When her nosy and manipulative neighbor, Mrs. Elvira Bent, gets wind of this unbelievable story, the chaos begins to build as character after colorful character enters the scene in order to get a good look at this seemingly harmless, yet amazing curiosity. Chaos gives way to mayhem, as news reports pile in about "sloth" attacks beginning with, of course, that of the nosy neighbor's. With an ambitious newswoman by the name of Sally Sweet trying to get her story, a sympathetic but confused animal control specialist by the name of Jerry Anhalt defending Mrs. Schitzle's sanity, and Mrs. Bent's uncontrollable scheming; this little suburb in Tarzana will never be the same. What will become of this creature that has taken up residence in a California suburb?What will become of the community?!This comical glimpse into sleepy suburban life suddenly being jarred awake in such chaotic fashion will grab hold of your funny bone and not let go.

Playwright Cy Young informs us that The Sloth was originally conceived as a television sketch. Later, when it was adapted as a short story it won Best Short Story in an Oklahoma City Writer's Association Contest and was a runner-up in a National Contest sponsored by Writer's Digest. When the story was finally turned into a full-length two act play The Sloth was then published by Samuel French, and has enjoyed international productions. 

Greenhouse Theatre veteran Judith Laird, who is serving as producer on this production, will also double as the main character, the innocent wife of the sloth in question, Nadine Schitzle. Ms Laird was last seen at the Greenhouse Theatre in her role as the incomparable Clairee in Steel Magnolias, which she confides is one of her favorites.

Amanda Troxell, who was most recently seen in her role as Mrs. Jensen in 110 in the Shade, and was unforgettable as "Mickey the Cop" in The Odd Couple, will be leaving audience mouths agape as the impudent Mrs. Elvira Bent, who just can't control her Machiavellian scheming.

While Sandy Billings, unforgettable as Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, and who also had appearances in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Ladies Room, and a Christmas Story, will astound the public as sassy Sally Sweet, the ambitious news reporter who refuses to let anything stand (or hang) in her way.

Justin Finch will bring new meaning to the term "animal control" as the bewildered yet kind Jerry Anhalt. Mr. Finch's most recent appearance was as a member of Flashback, the new vocal ensemble featured in You Must Remember This.

Rounding out the main part of this supporting cast will be Albert Rouse as the scandalized and confused Reverend Opps. Mr. Rouse, who played the Captain in Anything Goes, also directed the highly acclaimed production of Dial M for Murder.

With some of the best veteran talent that the Greenhouse Theatre has to offer, tickets will most certainly sell fast so be sure you don't miss out. A complimentary Champagne Buffet will follow the opening night's performance. 

This light-hearted comedy opens on April 29th at the Greenhouse Theatre in Woodcreek, and runs through May 15th. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, with Sunday matinees at 2:30 PM. Tickets, which are only $13, go on sale beginning April 25th, and are available at our Box Office which is open weekdays from 1-5 PM, in the Ozona Motor Bank lobby. Reservations for this must-see show can be made any time with Visa/MasterCard by calling (512) 847-0575.

-- Maria Woodall--

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