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The Wimberley Valley Art League 
6:30 PM Monday,
October 11, 2004


Come join the Art League for an exciting evening.
The public is  invited!

Wimberley Valley Art League Presentation

The Wimberley Valley Art League is pleased to present artist Dolores Petersen on Monday, October 11th at the Wimberley Senior Citizen's Center. The public is invited to this interesting presentation.

Dolores Petersen is a resident of Hunt, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas, El Paso, with graduate work at the University of Utah. She has taught in public and private schools and workshops, done TV scenery painting, and won numerous awards in regional and national shows. Her preferred medium is oil, but she also works in pencil, ink, silk, watercolor and ceramics. She teaches oil painting both in the "manner of the old masters" and impressionism. Petersen also teaches highly structured classes in "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain."

Dolores Petersen recently worked on an old mission in San Antonio, repairing and restoring the artwork. Her topic for the Wimberley Valley Art League will be "Curing a Sick Painting."

Petersen feels that a painting is "failed" because there are things about it that could be improved: composition, color intensity or value, lack of focal point, incorrect drawing, not representing the objects convincingly, all edges being hard and other "unpainterly" techniques. She will bring a still life painting and demonstrate her ability to "save" it.

- Char Moreland -

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