September IsTime for Olive Oil Pressing at Bella Vista Ranch in Wimberley, Texas.
Enjoy a touch of Tuscany in Texas with an orchard tour, including an opportunity to see the frantoio in action throughout September, beginning Saturday, September 12, 2009.

The season for harvesting grapes and olives is here! Bella Vista Ranch offers orchard tours and a special bonus...through September, visitors can see the frantoio (olive mill) in action. You can sample fresh olive oil as it's actually being produced...a taste treat unlike any other.

Since this pressing is an actual production, the days will action packed; the tours are each Saturday at 10 AM and 1 PM.

Book your group tours (over 10 people in attendance) on a Thursday or Friday during the month of September to see the harvesting first-hand.

As an added treat, the renown Sibby Barrett of Juniper Hills Farm will be hosting an authentic, farmer cooking event among the olive trees on Saturday, September 19th. (Reservations are required; click here for details.)

In addition, Bella Vista will release their latest vintage of Natural Blackberry Wine in late September!

The tour invites you to learn more about the structure of a traditional Italian family farm, including an in-depth exploration of olive trees and their oils. Tour fees are $10 per person (children 12 years old and older are welcome on the tour) and allow you to walk through the picturesque olive orchards and gardens, while your host provides a thorough overview including:
  • the history of olive trees
  • the agricultural aspects of growing olive trees and olive cultivation
  • a close-up view of the olive press, known in Italian as a "frantoio"
  • a definition of high quality, extra virgin olive oil
  • a guided olive oil tasting
  • the protocol and sensory evaluation of multiple oils
  • formal tasting of all items in the store, including all wines
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes to walk in the fields and orchards.

For more information call Bella Vista Ranch at 512-847-6514 or visit the website.



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