Lively Friday NIght Bingo Sessions at the VFW...A Wimberley Tradition

"BINGO!!"... What a joy to holler it out when luck and the right numbers come together.

Judging from the excitement at the VFW Post where the game is played in the Wimberley Valley, it's a "roller-coaster" moment to realize the suspense is ended; you've got the winning card, and can relieve the tension with a shout of  "BINGO!!!!"

For as long as anyone can remember, Wimberley's VFW Post has been offering a lively Friday night Bingo session. The only lapses in their year-round schedule are conflicts with major holidays and, of course, the Post's famed July 4th weekend Rodeo.

Friday night Bingo brings out a variety of players - young, old, natives and visitors. It's also proven to be an evening for the family entertainment, with youngsters under 18 permitted to play if they're accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

The entire operation is operated by veteran volunteers and the Post's Ladies Auxiliary which operates a concession stand - open from 6:30 to serve a wide variety of snacks, drinks and desserts.

A good part of the fun is in plotting the winning patterns for each game. They vary weekly and run from the simple "straight" Bingo or "four-corners" to much more elaborate games such as "bar diamond," "pyramid," "six-packs," "double postage stamps" and letter "X," The grand prize game is always a "black out" of the entire card.

To make it a full evening of Bingo, the VFW offers a 4-game "Early Bird" session which begins at 7:15. For this series, prizes are based upon a 50:50 split of total card sales, after deducting the 5% tax. Each game sheet sold by the veterans for a $1 has 3 "cards."

After that warm-up, the main event begins at 8 p.m. and offers 10 games with a midway intermission. That's also the way 3-card game sheets are sold: in packs of 5 for $5, for each half.   

Prizes for the regular games are really tempting: 6 games at $63.16, 3 games at $157.89, and a final "blackout" game with the possibility of a $500 or $200 jackpot. The smaller amount is won if no one can Bingo within the night's total ball count which increases weekly. All the prizes are reduced by the 5% tax.

Besides the good fun, it's also good to know the veterans and auxiliary volunteers donate all their income from the games to community and veteran causes. Every one wins at VFW Bingo.

The VFW Post is located at Veterans Park on Jacobs Well Road, approximately 3-miles North of Wimberley on Ranch Road 12.