Wimberley Institute of Cultures Cookbook Is Now Ready for Delicious Use
Photograph of the Blue Hole by Lynn Holobec, selected from entries for the cookbook cover.

Filled with delicious recipes and local photography, the Village of Wimberley cookbook is now available for purchase.

The Wimberley Institute of Cultures initiated a fundraising project two years ago, producing an item that fits nicely into any gift bag for holidays or special occasions.

The Village of Wimberley Cookbook is just one more goodie we've learned to expect from this civic group, who also brings us the annual Wimberley Pie Social. Full of delicious recipes and wonderful images contributed by Wimberley residents, the cookbook is now available for purchase. The cookbooks sell for $24.95 each and are available at the Mail Stop and other locations in town.

To find great recipes and photographs to illustrate the cookbook, a call was put out to the Wimberley community for entries. The results are likely to become a popular gift and a mainstay in many Wimberley kitchens.

Some of the exciting recipes include:
  • Smoked Salmon Cheesecake
  • Pecan Nut French Toast
  • Browned Oyster Soup
  • Black Beans in Rum
  • Skillet Roasted Lemon Chicken
  • Texas Brownies
  • Borracho Cherry Pie
  • Tejas Fudge Pie
  •  and many, many other pie recipes from past WIC Pie Social winners.

The Village of Wimberley Cookbook was co-chaired by Char Moreland and Linda Hudson, with the generous help of many WIC members.