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Ellen Berman, Artist



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Ellen Berman

ellen berman's work speaks for itself...eloquently...in lustrous, exquisitely executed still life.

berman has been in numerous one-person and group exhibitions in the us. in addition, she has lectured widely and has been visiting artist at several universities. in 1988 she was awarded a mid-america arts alliance/national endowment for the arts individual artist's grant.
berman has lived in wimberley since 1997.

ellen berman's elegant work can currently be seen in a group exhibition at mcmurtrey gallery in houston. her most recent one-person exhibition was in houston in november 1998.

critics say...

"by appealing to the senses first, she opens the door to explore the relationships of objects in space." 1

the sensuality of ellen berman's work "...is undeniable, yet berman's subtle manipulation of scale sets (her) work apart from mere description." 2

"...her oil paints seem to glide on canvas..." 3


select from this menu to view berman's work...

Three Calla Lillies
Three Persimmons
Three Pomegranates
Okra Bundle
Four Tomatillos


visit ellen berman's website


1,2 houston chronicle, 11-10-98
3 houston chronicle, 2-25-97


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