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Bella Vista Ranch


Wimberley is the Honky Tonk and Dance Hall Hub of Central Texas


Wimberley's newest claim to being the right place for just about everything that's good and fun.

Texas is noted for being home of the nation's oldest, most colorful authentic dance halls. They're sprinkled (lightly) all over the state, but 11 of the best reside within a 50 mile radius of Wimberley and they include two of the state's oldest (Twin Sisters Dance Hall and Gruene Hall).
Imagine we're at the center of a compass and beginning right up at the "N" and continuing on around the dial we have these wonderful destinations within easy reach (as "crow flies" mileage in parenthesis): Mercer Street Dance Hall in Dripping Springs (12); Cheatham St. Warehouse in San Marcos (13); Broken Spoke, Austin (30) Gruene Hall, Gruene (20); McQueeney Hall, McQueeney (40); Hanging Tree Saloon, Bracken (45); Anhalt Hall, Spring Branch (30); Kendalia Halle, Kendalia (35); Twin Sisters Dance Hall 6mi S of Blanco (20); Albert Dance Hall, Albert (34), and, finally, way up around the "NW" is Luckenbach Hall (40).


Their birthdates range from Gruene Hall in 1878 to 2013 (Mercer St. in Dripping Springs), but the rest qualify as "well done": 1870, 1879, 1887, 1903, 1914, 1922, 1964, 1974 and 1989. Despite their age, all are going strong. Even though Gruene is the oldest continually operating dance hall in Texas, Twin Sisters hall was opened in 1870 but served as a meeting place for several years before becoming a dance hall as well. Several common factors qualified these 11 standouts for our list. No pretentiousness, family friendly, live music, almost always lots of tin and raw plank construction; dim string lights, lots of smiles and, for most, an entertainer's recommendation. Finally, each has no trouble in simply adding definition to what's meant by Texas honky tonk, saloon, dance hall or all three.

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Jacob’s Well Natural Area


...the first Hays County - owned preserve includes 81.5 acres surrounding the Jacob’s Well artesian spring. This ecological resource is the most significant and largest continually flowing karstic spring in the Texas Hill Country. Wildlife depend on the spring, which forms the headwaters of Cypress Creek, a few miles north of Wimberley, Texas. Limestone cliffs and native vegetation surround the spring with enchanting beauty for visitors of all ages. We hope you enjoy this popular recreational area and educational, ecological resource. Located just outside of Wimberley, it is open year round for exploration. Swimming is seasonally permitted; Memorial Day through Labor Day. The artesian spring, known as Jacob’s Well, is the head waters to Cypress Creek and the water is contained in the Trinity aquifer below. Year round the water temperature is a constant 68 degrees. The cave system below is extremely dangerous to explore which has led to several recreational SCUBA casualties in past history due to inexperience. Thus only permitted cave diving research professionals are allowed to dive. Their effort has charted the cave system to nearly 140 feet deep at its lowest point and almost a mile in length! Restoration efforts are constantly under way to improve and enhance the delicate ecosystem here.

The artesian spring, Jacob's Well, is a favorite swimming spot in Wimberley
and is also the head waters to Cypress Creek. The water is supplied to the spring by the Trinity aquifer, some 140 feet below the surface. Year round the water temperature is a constant 68(f) degrees. The cave system below is extremely dangerous to explore which has led to several SCUBA casualties in the past. Only permitted cave diving research
professionals are now allowed to dive Jacob's Well. Their effort has charted the cave system to nearly 140 feet deep and almost a mile in length! Restoration efforts are constantly under way to improve and enhance the delicate ecosystem here.

Discover Jacobs Well Natural Area



Bats are present throughout most of the world, performing vital ecological roles of pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. Bats are important, as they consume insect pests, reducing the need for pesticides. Viewing a bat emergence is a very unique experience. In the Texas Hill Country and around the Wimberley Area there are a multitude of 'bat caves'. Unfortunately most are on private lands and are not accessible to the public.

Bat viewing areas in the Texas Hill Country are abundant.

  • Congress Avenue Bridge - Austin
  • Bracken Cave & Nature Reserve - Garden Ridge Area
  • Old Tunnel State Park - Fredericksburg Area
  • Selah, Bamberger Ranch - Johnson City

Click here for locations that are open to the public

Vineyards and Winery Tours

Hill Country Wineries

Hill Country wineries are hidden gems...enjoy the wines of each location or have a tour for even more fun. Enlisting the services of an areas touring service will enhance your experience. With over 60 Vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms in this central portion of Texas it is easy to see why wine lovers are flocking to the lodges and hotels in the area. Choosing a tour company is easy and many of our lodges have wine tours as part of their special packages if you enjoy venturing out on your own you will be rewarded by the beautiful views, Texas scenery and the wines from the boutique vineyards.

Mount Gainor Inn near Dripping Springs welcomes many
during the seasonal 290 Wine Trail. The Serenity Farmhouse Inn, a few miles from down town Wimberley offers wine tour packages.
are all located within a 20 minute drive from the Wimberley Square

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Art Galleries and Workshops

Artists have been long

been drawn to the Wimberley valley, 'A Little bit of Heaven'. Many people discover the beautiful Texas Hill Country and are quickly taken by the sense of energy, the thriving cultural scene and the supportive artist's community. With so many artists within the area they naturally needed outlets for their artwork. Art shows abound as do Art Galleries. In fact there is so much wonderful artwork that many of the local stores also feature local artists work.

All media are represented and if you want to dabble there are even classes available for painting, jewelry making, photography, weaving, glass work and more. Wimberley Artist Workshops brings an array of nationally acclaimed artists to share their knowledge. Ply offers classes in weaving along with loom rental plus weaving supplies. Silo Glass offers fused glass classes, all supplies furnished and no experience needed. Arbor Gate Studio offers workshops for jewelry creation.

Visit any or all of these galleries to view the artists' work.
  • Art on 12
  • Bent Tree Gallery of Wimberley
  • Gallery on the Square
  • Grahamstock Glass
  • Wimberley Fine Arts Center
  • Under One Roof
  • Wimberley Fine Arts Center

Workshops and classes open to the public. Click here to locate a Wimberley Gallery or artist.
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Blue Hole Regional Park

Blue Hole

A unique spot almost hidden in the center of Wimberley, the Blue Hole is lined by old growth cypress trees that have survived floods, milling, and settlers' needs for building materials. The Blue Hole property possesses what is now becoming a much more rare ecosystem and supports many species of birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and mammals. Native grasses, wildflowers and groves of varieties of central Texas trees and shrubs are decoratively combined with rocky outcrops, creating a scenic and special environment.

a bit of history
100 Blue Hole Road, Wimberley, TX 78676

Zipline Adventures

Zip Line

The concept of ziplining — which today is primarily an adventure thrill ride — was actually conceived out of necessity. The gravity-fueled conveyance using cables and pulleys threaded between two points was created by workers and residents who needed to quickly transport people and supplies across canyons, rivers, and other impassable areas in remote regions of China, the Costa Rican rainforest, and the Australian Outback.

Ziplining is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing adventure tourism activities. Today, professional ziplining adventure tours can be found worldwide and there is one in Wimberley for all to enjoy. Experience a rush as you soar over canyons and creeks with breathtaking 15-mile views of the Wimberley Valley. Your adventure will begin with trained guides leading you on an educational walking tour. You’ll learn about the local ecosystem of plants and wildlife, local history, and other interesting Wimberley area facts.

300 Winn Valley Drive, Wimberley, TX 78676


Gourmet, Bistro, BBQ, TexMex

   dining in the small town of Wimberley is as diverse as its residents.If you are looking for the best Bar B Que in Texas, you'll find it here. Gourmet dinners and lunches are available at Blair House Inn, French inspired Bistro fare from Jobell is always a gastronomical delight. Burgers, soups, home made pizza, Italian, Tex Mex and don't forget the Wimberley Pie Company.
Visiting Wimberley is always a great experience and dining at one of it's locally owned and operated eateries puts the icing on the cake.

You can always expect great food and service from one of these eateries

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Corral Theatre

With a long history

The Corral Theatre offers first run movies from Memorial Day until Labor Day, one of Wimberley's most popular and unique experiences is grabbing a lawn chair or two, jumping into the car with friends and family, and decamping at the camp...Rocky River Ranch, that is. Stopping off only for popcorn and cool drinks, happy movie-goers then find a place for the lawn chair (or use one of those provided, if they came early enough) and settle down for a good movie and a memorable experience.

a bit of history
100 Flite Acres Road, Wimberley, TX 78676

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