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Wimberley Community Center
Wimberley Community Center, stages of development
From drawing board to rental facilities for civic groups...thanks to the dedicated efforts of Wimberley volunteers!
The Wimberley Community Center is no longer just a dream! Community leaders have long felt that a meeting facility large enough to accommodate Wimberley's many groups and fast-growing civic needs was critically needed. Spearheaded by the board of directors of Wimberley Senior Citizens Activities, Inc., a major fundraising drive was completed for building a community center in the heart of the village. This has been a tremendous community effort.


Planning for the center was spearheaded by M.F. and Bill Johnson. It began even before, but in 1998 a questionnaire was submitted to local non-profit organizations to ascertain their needs. Their responses were used to develop the community center building concept.

With a total fund-raising goal of over $1.5 million for the project, the center fund needed donations from the community in order to receive matching grants. The community came through, and in 2002, Texas Parks and Wildlife gave the newly-formed Village of Wimberley a $750,000 matching grant, completing the funding.

Shown above is a sketch by Roger Burson, Architect, for the original design of the new community center. With the incorporation of the Village of Wimberley, the project came under the umbrella of the village government, who assisted with grant applications.

The Village City Council authorized the first part of an agreement in July, 2003 to commission a new design by Fatter and Evans Architects, Inc. Ground for the new Wimberley Community Center was broken by Bill Johnson on June 10, 2004.

After years of effort begun by the Wimberley Senior Citizens Activities, Inc., a made-to-order community center for Wimberley celebrated a grand opening on May 6, 2006!

The Wimberley Community Center is available for event rental. Rental fees are used to maintain the facility, and there are a number of options available for meetings and events.


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