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The Chapel in the Hills began over half a century ago with a group of Wimberley people meeting in an old filling station building on the square. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 1999 with a display of photographs and other memorabilia from our past as a part of the Wimberley community. We share a few of these here with you!

It all began here...
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On September 8, 1949, Roy Avey hosted the first meeting at his Corral Theatre, located next to where Cliett's Lumber (now The Lumberyard shopping area) stood. It was the only place in town with enough seats to accommodate the 100 people who showed up to talk about the new church...then a third of the local population!

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Houston Chronicle Feature by Louis Parks

Photo credits - Karl Stolleis / Houston Chronicle



Shown here are Mrs. Carl F. Scudder, Sr., Mrs. Thos. J. Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Winn, Jr., Mrs. Louis Y. Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Parks Johnson, Mrs. J. J. Peterson, Colin Seale, Duncan Peterson, Mrs. M. M. Pendleton, Mrs. Joel Mayes, Mrs. Frank Davenport, Mrs. Susie Danforth, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Franklin, and Mrs. Doyle Williamson.
Rockwork on East End of Chapel. This photo was taken from inside on November 4, 1960.

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