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The wildlife of the Central Texas Hill Country survives, and even thrives, here in the Edwards Plateau region, a unique area including hills, springs, stony footing and steep canyons. The amazing biodiversity of our region is due to the convergence of multiple zones, a lucky coincidence for all of us. Rare animals live here who can be found nowhere else on earth, a fact some old-timers take for granted. And some animals are seasonal visitors who travel through in a migratory pattern, such as the "Mexican cat," also known as the cougar, puma, or panther. This magnificent animal is observed here in the fall and spring, on her way to or from Mexico.  

We've increased in such numbers that our presence threatens the survival of some of our most valued assets...our critters. Often no longer wildlife, many of these animals have adapted to coexist with us. Preservation of and respect for these unique neighbors is not only humane, it's smart, since...interestingly...even some of the most maligned critters serve critical needs within our special environment.

Pictures are worth a thousand words... especially when you're trying to get a good look at a shy type. Here's a good place to start...

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