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Welcome to the Wimberley Hobby Lobby Season!

Contact us to host an event in Wimberley . . . the proceeds support our community.


Hobby Lobby got its start in 1983 with a specific goal...that  of helping Wimberley's  EMS and the Volunteer Fire Department. That first year the new organization raised $1200 for each of them.

Today all funds raised from Hobby Lobby activities are returned to support community non-profit projects. In 2002, approximately $18,000 was raised from the Hobby Lobby events and awards were made to the Community Center, Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce, Winters Wimberley House, PAWS, Literacy, Community Chorus, Hill Country Band, Wimberley Players, Arts from the Heart, Kathryn Anne Porter School, Water Testing, EMS, Wimberley Watershed Association, Texas Star Booster Club and Hill Country Recreation. Scholarships were awarded to eight high school graduates.


On February 12, 1979, a small group of women met informally to discuss organizing a club to serve the community, to welcome newcomers to the area and support efforts to build a civic center. A month later over 20 active, civic minded women met and formed the Wimberley Community Civic Club.

One of the primary objectives of the Club was to raise money for the community and at the same time encourage newcomers to the area to be involved in entertaining and educational activities. After admiring a beautiful piece of jewelry made by the husband of a friend, one member thought "Wouldn't it be wonderful if those who have talents could teach those who now have the time to learn new hobbies?" In 1983, with a lot of imagination and hard work, Hobby Lobby was founded. Hobby Lobby utilizes the special talents of Wimberley's residents who give of their time to host and/or instruct a variety of events. Participants pay fees for the events. The money raised is donated to worthy causes in the community. What a wonderful way to serve the community, welcome newcomers to the area, and have a great time doing it!

It is uncertain how the name Hobby Lobby was chosen. Initially, the emphasis was on hobbies, and members would offer classes in their area of interest. Thus "Hobby" was an important part of the name. "Lobby" was chosen because it rhymed with Hobby. 

In 1983, 16 courses were offered ranging from knitting to conversational Spanish. The goal in 1983 was $1,500. Actually $2000 was raised and the money was donated to the Volunteer Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services.

In 2002, 93 events were offered including arts and crafts, dinners, tours, literature and poetry, health and beauty. Over $18,000 was raised and donated to 16 different organizations. Scholarships were awarded to 8 high school graduates.

This is the 20th year for Hobby Lobby. Each year has seen an increase in the number of events and the money raised. Hosts, instructors and participants of the 103 events for this year look forward to an exciting and fun way to raise money for the community and at the same time enjoy the fellowship and joy of learning that this multifaceted program stimulates.

Hobby Lobby's goal is to net a minimum of 50% from each individual event for community projects. Some events clear 75% and others are donated in their entirety.

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(available when posted on the Civic Club News Page)

If you are interested in an event, 
or would like more information about Hobby Lobby activities,
please click here to contact the Hobby Lobby chairperson in the
Wimberley Community Civic Club.


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