Jacob’s Well Natural Area

is Hays County’s first nature preserve that hosts a wealth of ecological beauty and diversity. From birding trails in the north uplands to aquatic life below there is much to be enjoyed over the 81+ acres. Located just outside of Wimberley, it is open year round for exploration.

Hays County purchased Jacob’s Well Natural Area in 2010 with voter-approved park bond funds. The Parks Department is working to restore, protect and preserve the natural area for the public to enjoy. The Cultural and natural heritage of Jacob’s Well has made if an integral part of the Wimberley experience. It is a beautiful place to swim, observe birds and many other kinds of wildlife, take photos, hike, for geocaching, or have a family picnic. If you would like a more in-depth educational experience, join one of our free tours led by the Master Naturalists of Hays County. To help protect the natural area, avoid disturbing habitat, wildlife and properly dispose of trash.

1699 Mt. Sharp Road, Wimberley, TX

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Jacob's Well Natural Area is a Day Use Facility and open year long. The swimming season runs May 1st through October 1st.
Reservations are required, click here.

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