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Parking is adjacent to the check in booth. Access to the spring requires a hike of approximately 1300' (390m). Sturdy foot wear is recommended, strollers and coolers are not advised.

Please Practice Proper Park Etiquette

  • Leave No Trace- this ethic shows that all visitors are mindful of the environment and responsible for their actions to leave the park unaltered to be enjoyed by future generations.
  • Never pick flowers or pull leaves from trees. Do not touch or feed any of the wildlife you encounter.
  • Jacob's Well is a Natural Area which aims to protect all of its features from human disturbance.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Please follow safety precautions. Jumping from the rocks causes many serious injuries each year. Use caution around overlooks and cliff edges.
  • Always be mindful of the people around you so all may enjoy this park together. Thank you.
  • Young children are encouraged to have life preservers while in the water. Children under the' age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Recreational pool floats and inner tubes are discouraged.

JWNA Guidelines

1.) Swim at your own risk - no lifeguard on duty
2.) No SCUBA diving
3.) No camping allowed
4.) No bicycles, ATVs, or other motorized vehicles on grounds, except assistance equipment for those with physical or mobility impairments
5.) No fires, fireworks or smoking permitted on Natural Area grounds
6.) No pets or other domesticated animals, with the exception of trained assistance animals for those persons requiring such assistance
7.) No firearms, archery equipment, hunting or fishing
8.) No glass containers
9.) No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
10.) Disorderly conduct and excessive noise are prohibited
11.) Destruction or removal of vegetation and other resources including artifacts or fossils is strictly prohibited Violation of these rules will result in immediate removal from the Jacob's Well Natural Area.
12.) Drones are not permitted on or over the area JWNA occupies. A permit is required for educational or management purposes. This retains the natural character of the area and assures that our guests are not disturbed.

Hays County is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
Thank You for your cooperation and for visiting Jacob's Well Natural Area


Discover all that JWNA has to offer

Jacob's Well Natural Area is a Day Use Facility and open year long. The swimming season runs May 1st through October 1st
Reservations are required, click here.


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