a perpetual artesian spring north of Wimberley that eroded a two mile thick layer of limestone and formed a pool that was, for many years, used as a swimming hole. The creek fed by this spring was initially known as Jacobs Well Creek, but is now known as Cypress Creek. It is the primary source of water to Cypress Creek which flows through the City of Woodcreek, and the City of Wimberley, through the famous Blue Hole Recreation Area and into the Blanco River. Jacob's Well is also believed to have the longest underwater cave in Texas. The first Texas pioneers (1850s) used the water supply to power a saw mill. In 1924, Jacob's Well was measured to have a flow of one hundred and seventy gallons per second, six hundred and forty liters per second. However, development in the Jacob's Well area has lowered the level of the Trinity Aquifer, significantly reducing the flow of water through the spring and it rarely reaches those previous flow rates. For first time in recorded history the spring ceased flowing in 2000, it stopped again in 2008 and once more in 2O11. Due to these events and other considerations, measures to address local water conservation and water quality are being developed. With the continued droughts the Texas Hill Country experiences along with continued development, the Trinity Aquifer and Jacob's Well are under extreme duress. Early warning indicators are needed to provide for the stability of not only the water, but for the life that exists in and around its waters. Monitoring of Jacob's Well is necessary for continued evaluation and protection.

The Cave…

Jacob's Well is an extensive underwater cave that is home to salamanders, crawfish, amphipods and isopods. Slightly acidic rainfall interacted with and eroded the limestone over millennia to form the cave system.


From the 12 ft. (4 m) opening in the creek bed the cave system continues downward vertically for ~23ft (7m) and then continues at an angle through a series of silted rooms separated by narrow restrictions, finally reaching a depth of 137 feet (40 m). The main cave is approximately 4500 ft. (1372 m) long.There are two main caves in the system, creatively called "A" and "B". Cave "B" is the smaller of the two, extending out from the main passageway and measuring roughly 1300 ft. (396 m) long.


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Jacob's Well Natural Area is a Day Use Facility and open year long. The swimming season runs May through Labor Day
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the first Hays County - owned preserve includes 81.5 acres surrounding the Jacob's Well artesian spring. This ecological resource is the most significant and...
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Serves as an educational center, containing historical prints, fossils, information, interactive displays and an area where Master Naturalist of Hays County...
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Access to the spring requires a hike of approximately 1900' (580m) from the parking area.. Sturdy foot wear is advised, strollers and coolers are not advised...
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The Fatal Allure of Jacob's Well

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