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Calling the Wimberley Texan Stadium Home
in 2002



The following article appeared during the 2002 season. The Austin Rage withdrew from the 2003 season and is not currently playing.

It is worth noting that the Rage was one of the three original teams making up the WPFL. The league comes into the 2005 season with 16 teams.

The Austin Rage, the 2001 Runner-Up for the WPFL Championship, is one of three Texas teams in the WPFL, The Women's Professional Football League. The players are mothers, daughters, doctors, lawyers, teachers and athletes.

The WPFL was founded in 1999. After a successful barnstorming tour in the Fall of 1999, the WPFL opened the 2000 campaign with teams nationwide. 

The players have one thing in common - a love for the game of football! Their request is simple and quiet: "We want to play."

Despite the challenges encountered with establishing a new, self-funded league, the WPFL has proven the skeptics wrong by giving birth to an explosion of women's football leagues around the United States. These football teams represent more than 60 cities and consist of more than 5,000 women athletes who range in age from 18 to 45 and come from all walks of life.

The Rage made a valiant appearance in the WPFL's first full season, winning its last two games and building the foundation for the 2001 season. The highlight of the Rage's 2000 season was not the number of games won or lost, but rather the tenacity and spirit of the 150+ women from Austin and surrounding cities competing for a chance to live their common dream of playing football.

In 2001, the Rage's only losses came at the hands of the eventual 2001 WPFL Champion, the Houston Energy. The team ended the season as the WPFL's runner-up for the Championship Title.

For the 2002 season, the Rage will be playing their home games at beautiful Texan Stadium in Wimberley, Texas. The stadium may be a little distance from downtown Austin, but the pleasant drive to Wimberley is now part of the experience. The people of Wimberley have made the Rage feel welcome and General Manager, Donna Roebuck, reports that the staff for the Wimberley Texan Stadium is very friendly and helpful.

The road hasn't always been smooth for The Rage. The team was unable to continue playing at the Old Del Valle High School Stadium, where they have played the past two seasons, after an engineering inspection revealed that the bleachers were unsafe and that there was not appropriate access to the facilities for persons with disabilities.

After that, the team was unable to secure a facility in Austin or surrounding communities. Some of the school districts said there was too much traffic on their fields; some said they did not want to staff another event; some said that other sports teams had damaged the field and that they no longer rent to outside groups.

One athletic director even said women had no business playing the sport.

There were two districts that agreed to rent a facility and then asked for a ridiculous amount of rent. Enter the friendly spirit of Wimberley. Wimberley ISD offered to rent the Texan Stadium to The Rage for home games at a reasonable rate.

Roebuck notes that this is a smart economic move for the district. Potential revenues generated when The Rage begins to draw large crowds will be beneficial not only to the school district, but to the whole town.

Roebuck states, "In the 2002 season, we plan to combine the energy of a great town with the heart and tenacity of the Rage players in an effort to bring home the WPFL Championship Title."

(Article originally appeared here in 2002.)

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