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Wimberley's Annual VFW Pro Rodeo

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A Rodeo Moment by Lewis Smith
Wimberley's Annual VFW Pro Rodeo
One more sneaker; 
                                 size extra small.      

Every time the rodeo arena is gone over with the tractor to "fluff up" the dirt, here comes at least one more sneaker. A reminder of the night a couple of years ago when the calf scramble came on the other side of rare early July rain storm. The arena was a sticky quagmire, but the youngsters plowed on anyhow to the horror of every mom and delight of everyone else. A total sloppy mess of mud-covered kids and calves.

The kids who weren't stuck tight in place (later extricated by cowboys) were dripping mud and battling getting stuck themselves with every mighty step to get a calf or get out of there... but smiling for sure. What a chance to get muddy beyond belief with crowds cheering!

The shoe stores must have done real well the next few days. The mud definitely won out in the great shoe tug of war that night.

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-- Lewis Smith --