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Resources for Wimberley and the Texas Hill Country

A guide to sustainable water management for homeowners and residents.


Welcome to the guide for Water Resources in the Wimberley, Texas area and the Central Texas Hill Country. Rainwater harvesting tips and DIY instructions, rainwater harvesting installers, guides for estimating water needs, how your family's water usage compares, information about water table levels, drought conditions and more are added here as resources become available. Working together, we can create a sustainable water plan for the community and the area.

Rain Water Harvesting to the Rescue
Lew Smith talks about Wimberley specific water catchment systems.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
Innovative Water Solutions
Rainwater harvesting system and graywater recovery system design and installation. System installation for residential projects (large and small) throughout central Texas. We have recycled rain barrels available also.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
Where has all the Water Gone?
A rather stark and enlightening article outlining some of the causes and results of our ongoing water shortage.   CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
Groundwater Issues in the Hill Country
The bulk of the Hill Country has been designated a Priority Groundwater Management Area, or PGMA, because it is expected to encounter critical shortages in the near future.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
The History and Mystery of Jacob's Well
Louie Bond's article about diving the well, with photographs from SMART (the San Marcos Recovery Team).  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
Rainwater Harvesting Calculator
A handy tool to help you calculate how much rainwater can be collected from your roof.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
USGS Streamflow Monitoring of Blanco River in Wimberley
USGS 08171000 Blanco River at Wimberley, Texas, with discharge data, daily discharge statistics and gauge readings.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
Water Usage Calculator
Ever wonder how your family's water usage compares with others? Check it out.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»
More Rainwater Harvesting Companies
A list of rainwater harvesting installation services in the Central Texas Hill Country area.  CLICK TO VISIT WEBSITE»



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