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Fostering interest in the historical,
natural and cultural resources of
the Wimberley Valley.
Wimberley Institute of Cultures
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The purpose of the Wimberley Institute of Cultures is to foster interest in the historical, natural and cultural resources of the Wimberley Valley through educational and social programs involving both young and adult members of the community.

Wimberley Institute of Cultures was born of the celebration of the Texas Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of the 1936 founding of the Republic of Texas as an independent nation separate from Mexico and the United States. The group that formed WIC was responsible for the giving of the Bluebonnet Ball, the first of twelve monthly events designated by the Wimberley Chamber of Commerce to mark the celebration of the Sesquicentennial in Wimberley. Those responsible for the ball saw the need for a proper facility to house such community events and set about to address that need.

As a result WIC received a State Charter and an IRS number as a nonprofit corporation in 1987. The charter was granted to WIC for the purpose of educating the public in the history and prehistory of the Wimberley area.

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