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Welcome to our Home Tour!

The theme for 2001 was "Hill Country Homes for the Holidays." Seven homes, representative of Hill Country living, were artfully decorated and open for touring. 

The Civic Club is a nonprofit community organization. Proceeds from the Home Tour are used to fund community projects such as the volunteer fire department, EMS, the community library and scholarships for higher education.

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The Anderson Home

Peter and Rita Anderson welcome you to “Anderson Ridge”, where the panoramic view provides a magnificent setting for both their guest cabin and home. Completed in 1988, the Dog Trot cabin was built by the owner’s family and local craftsmen using stone from the property. Charming details include two foot thick walls, long leaf pine flooring, and old doors. A propeller from a 1918 Navy Flying Boat hangs above the mantle. Nearby is a picture of Rita’s grandfather who served in the Texas Legislature. An inviting courtyard and fossil strewn walkway lead to the main house which was completed in 1992. As you step through the imposing front door, your eye is immediately drawn to the breath taking view and the serene decor of the living room. Furnished throughout with family pieces, art work and sculptures, many created by Pete himself, this engaging home truly reflects the lifestyle, attention to detail, and eclectic taste of its owners. Anderson Ridge invites you to remember that Wimberley is, indeed, “a little bit of heaven”.

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The Cannon Home

Suzy and Larry Cannon laughingly say “this is the last house we’ll ever build.” Designed by Larry with Suzy serving as general contractor, their lovely home was completed in just four months and eight days! The entire layout of the house was staked around the view from the kitchen window. These highly skilled and talented owners did most of the interior finishing work themselves. Reflecting their creativity and resourcefulness, the house has many unique and loving touches incorporated throughout. The large support beam in the living room is inscribed with the initials L.C.+ S.C. “just like we used to write in school," they say. Suzy designed the pantry screen door. Rusted tin paneling enhances the study. The landscaping was also done by the owners. Future plans for a nature trail to encircle their property will incorporate their wildscaping focus. Larry and Suzy certainly have made their dream of “living in the country” come true.

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The Dysart Home

When they first saw their gracious home and beautiful property ten years ago, Gordon and Lucy Dysart were reminded of a Scottish Hunting Lodge they had once visited. Attracted by both the serenity and privacy, they knew immediately that both the house and Wimberley was perfectly suited to them. They have made some additions and renovations to this elegant, yet very inviting, home which has beamed ceilings throughout that create an old world feeling. Recently refurbished, the kitchen showcases Lucy’s love of blue and white. A favorite room in the house is the large, formal dining room with a fireplace which is located next to a delightful library area. The rock wall in the living room is laid flat in the old Wimberley style. Widely traveled, the Dysarts have furnished each room in their home with many interesting items, family pieces and antiques which create an atmosphere of warmth and charm. The handsomely landscaped grounds feature a lovely garden area by the pool.

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The Lee Home

Walter and Rhonda Lee welcome you to their beautiful home, “Casa de Luz” or House of Light. Designed and built by Gary Brim & Associates, this home maximizes the panoramic views and interesting hilltop topography. The Spanish Colonial design features a true two-piece clay tile roof, an entry veranda with alder doors, Saltillo tile floors, and the artful use of arched columns and vaulted ceilings to define the interior space. Taking advantage of the hillside location, the living areas are found on the main level with guest suites below. The pool area is the focal point of the incredible view, and a large oak tree compliments the patio, pond and waterfall. Boulders excavated from the site are incorporated throughout the landscape. The magnificent interior, decorated by Rhonda to compliment the Spanish theme of the home, contains numerous pieces of artwork by local artists including a hand painted mural on the dining room ceiling. This wonderful home was completed in August 2000.

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The Way Home

The first thing to catch your eye as you approach the weekend retreat of Mary Faye and Peter Way is the wonderful wall built by Bill Bonham with its unique Garden Gate and Oak Tree Gate crafted by Jimmy Harwell. Lovingly renovated in recent years, the original house was built in 1943 by Peter’s grandparents. The old pump house has been converted to a bedroom. A large sun room across the back of the main house provides an airy view of the lovely grounds. A fascinating collection of arrowheads found on the property hangs in the living room. The master bedroom has been created around the rocks where Peter played as a child. Overlooking Cypress Creek, every aspect of this arresting space has been designed and constructed to blend with the terrain, and is an artful and captivating blend of the old and the new.

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The Winn Home

Anne and Jerry Winn have created an idyllic setting for family and friends on the banks of Cypress Creek. Built in November 2000 by Dunn and Burnett, their home was beautifully landscaped by James Bates of Master Care. When you see the wide, sweeping porch furnished with wicker and brightly colored cushions, you’ll understand why this is a favorite spot for early morning coffee and evening gatherings of family and friends. The interior reflects the warmth and casual ambiance so important to the owners who very much enjoy the visits of their children and grandchildren. The house features a large great room with a 14 foot ceiling. Tile floors covered with area rugs are found throughout as are custom made mesquite doors. There is an 800 pound dining room table made from South American granite by designer Phil Jackson of Fredericksburg’s Granite and Iron Shop. Clever decorating ideas abound which embrace a casual lifestyle with a stylish flare.

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Home Tour Headquarters

Decorated in country Christmas style, the historic Winters-Wimberley  House, will serve as the "headquarters" of the Home Tour. Tickets, hand crafted Christmas decorations, and homemade sweet breads will be for sale. Also available will be raffle tickets for the exquisite, hand crafted wreath and Santa on display. Built in 1856 the house was purchased in 1997 by the Wimberley Institute of Cultures, who is working to refurbish the home for community use and has been responsible for its designation as a Historic Landmark. Refreshments will be served to all ticket holders. 

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