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The EmilyAnn Theatre Offers Unique Experiences Year Round
for Wimberley Youth & Community

by Tess Mallory

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The EmilyAnn Theatre invites you and yours to become part of our growing family. By attending events at the theatre, you are supporting your community and the arts, but just as important, you will open your life to a wonderful avenue of positive and life-affirming events. What events you ask? I’m so glad you did. 

The Trail of Lights: Claim a part of the EmilyAnn for your family, at least for a little while! Every December, families and businesses in Wimberley become our Holiday Elves! Pick out a spot in the EmilyAnn gardens to decorate for the holiday season. Use lights, cutouts, decorations, whatever suits your fancy and create a special place at the EmilyAnn to celebrate the most joyous time of year! Work Days for the Trail of Lights are every weekend in November, so even if you don’t want a place all your own, come on out and help hang lights! The Trail of Lights continues nightly from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. through January 1.

Butterfly Day: Emily Ann Rolling was just sixteen when her young life was cut short by a car accident, but her memory lives on in the vitality of the theatre named in her honor. Butterfly Day celebrates her life and the renewal of all life with the advent of Spring. Each April hundreds of butterfly larvae are given to school children throughout Wimberley to be raised for that triumphant day when they are released into the beautiful blue sky. Activities always include a variety of performances by local artists and a Silent Auction. Butterfly Day usually takes to the skies in April. Check the Events here in April for more information.

Star of the Hills: A brand new and very exciting event at the EmilyAnn was a Wimberley debut in May 2003. Star of The Hills, written by Wimberley’s very own Dorey Schmidt, and composer Gordon Jones, is a musical historical drama which traces the heritage of Wimberley and the Valley through legend and song. This drama is now a permanent annual attraction, not only as a major draw for Wimberley tourism, but as a continuation of the theatre’s commitment to service. The show is usually scheduled around Memorial Day, with two weeks of presentations. The Emily Ann Theatre is always seeking a new generation of Wimberley pioneers to underwrite the production as we continued to seek grant funding. 

Shakespeare Under the Stars. Every August high school students from around the state present two plays by the Bard in the EmilyAnn outdoor theatre pavilion. Your ticket dollars support the EmilyAnn Theatre and the Shakespeare Under The Stars program, which means more great events at this one-of-a-kind non-profit outdoor theatre. Also, your attendance means a full audience, the best encouragement these students can ever receive. More praise, more recognition, means more students turning to positive community involvement. Amazing what you can do, isn’t it? 

There are so many ways to become a part of the EmilyAnn family but one of the best ways is to volunteer some of your valuable time. How remarkable to volunteer time, which is priceless, to your community and your community’s children. How incredible to be such a person!

EmilyAnn Theatre

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