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Saturday, May 16, 2009
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Don't miss this special annual event,
sponsored by the
Wimberley Garden Club.

Wimberley residents always know that Spring has officially blossomed when the Wimberley Garden Club holds its annual tour. Residents and local experts invite the public into their beautiful gardens in a hospitable display of nature's best.

Eagerly awaited by those who've been lucky enough to attend a previous tour, this event reveals the green thumbs behind local xeriscapes and other beautiful ways to cohabit peacefully with the unique beauty of rocky, cedar filled hills and valleys.

Six beautiful gardens are usually featured on each year's tour and gardeners work feverishly to make sure the gardens are show-ready. This year a prolonged drought has afflicted Central Texas, but a few welcome soaking rains arrived just in time to give those spring plantings the boost they needed for a picture-perfect garden.

For those of us whose gardens are not always photogenic, there are many ways to maximize the possibilities of low-maintenance gardening in the Wimberley area. Planning and planting a butterfly garden, for instance, can bring color on the wing for hours of delightful viewing. As a bonus, many of the plants that attract butterflies, also attract hummingbirds. And don't be surprised if you see a little imposter in your summertime garden. Check out the Hummingbird Moth, the Little Bug Who Looks Like a Bird.

Of course, the most difficult thing about gardening in the hill country of central Texas is the challenging environment. Rocky soil, frequent droughts, the occasional deer brunch, searing heat...all are factors that savvy gardeners take into account when planning and planting a garden to provide maximum enjoyment with least maintenance.

Choosing indigenous plants that are heat, drought, and deer-resistant is the first step toward creating a garden that can be rewarding year round. A planned landscape incorporating these choices is often termed "xeriscaping," and doesn't exclude a beautiful outcome. Click here for much more about how and what to choose for a carefree gardening experience with huge rewards.

Who knows, you may be next to be invited to show off your garden in the next Wimberley Garden Club Tour!


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