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Welcome to the Market Day Guides with information about farmers markets, flea markets, arts and crafts shows, trade days, and pick-your-own fruit... around Wimberley and well beyond the Hill Country area (for all you valued visitors from other parts).

Check out the calendar on the right for area market days and farmers markets. There is a market somewhere in the Hill Country happening almost every day of the week.

Vegetables and fruit are hitting the farmers markets now and flea market bargains call to savvy shoppers. As the seasons come and go in the Hill Country, markets offer different fresh seasonal treats for delicious eating.

This is a great time to shop for early fresh vegetables and treats at the farmers markets. It's one of the most delectable times of year to find the freshest vegetables to remind us how much better home-grown food can taste. 

In Central Texas, it's always a good idea to come prepared with hats, sunscreen, and plans for breaks to enjoy drinks to stay hydrated, even in cooler weather...good ways to keep the shopping fun. Some winter days offer surprisingly pleasant weather to shop outdoors you'll ever see.

The Market Vendors and Products Guide is the first place to look for information about that special find you meant to go back to get someday, or just to browse through to visit vendors. Many of the vendors also have online shopping features, making it easy and convenient to order online. 

Whether you're a first-time visitor or have been with us since 1999,  you know by now that a primary mission of is environmental responsibility. Check out the tools  below to help make a significant difference in your life and, in small increments, the health of our ever more challenged planet.  Selective shopping at a local flea market can be a way to recycle and have fun, too.

With every price hike, it's becoming less and less economical to drive some distance in the hope of a bargain at the end of the journey. To find out just how much of that highly expensive fossil fuel will be required to get to these tantalizing destinations, use these tools:

Eat locally? For just some of the good reasons why this is the best idea ever for feeding ourselves, check out Why Eat Locally Grown Foods.  Then download the scorecard to keep track of how close you can come to the goals of the challenge.

If you'd like to add your market or product to the list, you are invited to  submit your listing for the guide. Unlike restrictions on the other guides at that must limit listings to businesses and organizations in the immediate area, the geographical limitation for markets and market vendors is expanded to include the continental U.S. We'd like to help get the word out about good options anywhere in the country. Listings will be considered for publication here if we can determine they fit the guidelines; any superlative resource has potential to make the list.

If you're a vendor or organization who'd like a Link Ad on the Vendor & Product guide, please use this form to submit your listing request. All listings, links and resources in this guide are selected to offer information that can help us all, wherever we may live, to eat locally, use renewable resources, recycle, and move toward a greener, more sustainable way of life.

The two nearest markets available for Wimberley residents and visitors are those at Wimberley Market Day and Wimberley Farmers Market. Wimberley Market Days are held from spring through December, and Wimberley Farmers Market is held every Wednesday, year round. For more year round shopping, visit the wonderful shops in Wimberley

Whether you're a vendor, a shopper, a concerned citizen of the earth, or all of the above, welcome to Market Days!


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