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Three who were there:
Neal Hachenberg, Joe Heidenfelder, and J. B. Young
Surviors of Pearl Harbor

Honoring all who served
Veterans Day
November 11th
1999 Veterans Day Poster
with Wimberley's Pearl Harbor survivors added.

Friday, November 9, 2001

Texans Stadium
Wimberley, Texas.


December 7th, 1941. . .Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii. Early Sunday morning.

Their world and the world at large was turned upside down
with the all-out Japanese surprise attack on their units,
igniting America's entry into World War II.

2,335 of their comrades were killed and
1,143 were wounded during the two-hour attack.


Neal Hatchenberg

Neal Hachenberg was a Gunners Mate aboard the light cruiser USS Detroit anchored in the Harbor. His ship escaped with minor damage. He went on to serve in the Pacific throughout the war.


Joe Heidenfelder

Joe Heidenfelder was a young Marine ashore at the Marine Barracks, and spent most of that day helping retrieve bodies from the harbor. He remained in the Marine Corps through WWII and Korea, retiring as a Master Sgt.


J.B. Young

J.B. Young was a B-17 crew chief at Hickam Field, adjoining Pearl Harbor. His bomber was the first in the air after the initial Japanese attack. He flew 66 combat missions during the war.


A special salute to Wimberley's three Pearl Harbor survivors, complete with a Black Hawk helicopter landing, was a highlight of the Veterans Day program at Texans Stadium Thursday, November 11, 1999.

Black Hawk

All Wimberley area residents were invited to the hour-long program, sponsored by the Wimberley Independent School District and VFW Post 6441 to honor our veterans.