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Rodeo in the Wimberley Valley
The history of the Wimberley, Texas VFW Rodeo

by Lewis Smith
(With appreciation for research by Linda Allen from her book: "Wimberley - a Way of Life")

Early Rodeo Days in Wimberley, Texas
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Unorganized rodeos in the Valley go back to idle moments on ranches and to finish off trail drives. But, the first organized area rodeos were run by the Wimberley Rodeo Association. These were held on the grounds of Camp Wimberley, now the site of Rio Bonito resort on Ranch Road 12 at the Blanco River bridge.

From 1935, the rodeos were held at Carl and Adelia Scudder's Twin Mountain Ranch. Rodeo grounds facilities included a quarter horse track and attracted competitors and fans from throughout the state. The rodeo continued to be held there on the 4th of July when the newly-formed VFW took over its operation in 1946.

Big crowd for the Wimberley Rodeo
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In 1948, Ed James, new owner of Eagle Rock Resort (site of present Woodcreek Lodge) let the VFW rent land between the Resort and Ranch Road 2325 for $1/year for use as its rodeo grounds which included an arena with gates and chutes, race track, dance floor, concession stand, and BBQ pit.

In 1951, the rodeo grounds moved to six acres donated to the VFW by James. It was located north of town on Ranch Road 12 at Cypress Creek Lane. There, the VFW also built a Post hall and remained there until moving to its present location in 1985.

The photograph on the right is that of Glenn Keith,  "Wimberley's Cowboy."

Glenn started out at the Wimberley Rodeo and went on to win many National titles and was inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2003.

Glenn Keith, Wimberley's Cowboy.
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Glenn Keith working his way
to the Hall of Fame
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